July 23, 2018

Importance of Branding in Business - Marketing Strategy

July 23, 2018

Everything we know about a particular product we use is because of branding. It is the marketing strategy used by marketers to differentiate their products from others. Branding is the combination of name, logo, slogan, design and color that distinguish one product or service from others. But it is the old concept of branding. Today’s marketers defined the branding as perception that a consumer has when he thinks of a company name or product features. Think of a brand like a Microsoft, all of the features of its products (Windows and MS Office) make a brand. Let’s take a look why branding is so important for a business.

Importance of branding in business


A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. When there is a social proof that the company’s products and services are of quality, people begin to trust that company and feel more comfortable to buy products and services from that company.  Strategic branding helps to build trust with customers, clients, suppliers and employees. Investors are more likely to do a business with a company that has good market image and credibility. If you have a company with products that people can trust might help you to become a national brand.


A good branding creates customers loyalty. Customers want quality products and services. When they are provided great and quality products that satisfy their needs, they remember them and often refer to their family and friends. Loyal customers spread a positive message to people they know. So, your product must align itself with customers’ needs. Always consider your customers while starting any branding campaign. 

Deliver Message

A brand will help you deliver a clear message to potential customers. Your brand should deliver a message that promise to your customers that the product you are offering is useful. This is the chance to be honest and open about what your company represents. Building a brand is much like building an organization. If you have a solid foundation that is built on trust and honesty, your brand will be recognized for a long period of time. 

Motivates to Buy

A strong brand often motivates people to buy. If you have a brand, it will make your product professional and important. When people see your brand, they will feel like they are getting a product that has been well developed. 

Employees Productivity

Employees are more satisfied with their job and feel pride when they work for a company with a well-respected brand. They feel strongly about the business mission and values. They proudly tell their friends where they work and feel more confident while mentioning the brand name in their resumes. When employees are satisfied and motivated, they are more likely to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. A well-known brand opens up the door for top talent and provides you with the most qualified and skillful employees.

Competitive Advantage

The present world is extremely competitive. It is very important to stand out from the crowd. There is only one thing that stands you out from the thousands of similar organizations is your brand. The brand makes the product recognized globally.                


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